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Elaines Personal Care Home
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What is a Personal Care Home?
A.  A Personal Care Home is a housing facility for seniors who want or need to be in a group living situation and who may need assistance with personal care and daily living activities. Typically, a Personal Care Home is selected when 24-hour, non-medical supervision is needed or desired. Personal Care Homes are regulated by government agencies to be licensed. They are usually converted single-family home with up to 6 residents or may be a large building similar to an apartment building with over 100 residents.
Q. Who lives in a Personal Care Home?
A. The typical resident is an older adult who can no longer manage at home, but does not require the complex, 24 hour care of traditional long-term care facilities such as a nursing home.
Q. How do I know when it's time to consider a personal care home?
A. Change in their personal hygiene, such as a failure to bathe on a daily basis, wearing the same clothes all the time, or sleeping in their clothes.Passive Responses such as, Why should I bathe/change my clothes? I don't go anywhere!; Tiredness and constant complaints could be a possible sign of depression or loneliness. Forgetfulness such as leaving food cooking on the stove, leaving the faucet on, not taking medications as prescribed, the phone left off the hook or bills left unpaid.
Q. Is Personal Care Homes covered by Medicare?
A. Medicare does not cover personal care homes specifically, but will continue to pay the direct medical coverage of residents, such as doctor's visits, qualifying hospital stays and therapies.
Q. How is the bill paid?
A. Residents or families generally pay the cost of personal care homes from their own financial resources. There are also government agencies that assist families with their cost, such as VA, Medicaid - CCSP, Source.
Q. How is the cost determined?
A. The cost of personal care homes is based on the type of room and services each resident requires. Before a resident moves into the residence, an assessment of needs is completed and the specific cost is shared with the resident and their family members.
Q. What is the length of commitment?
A. There is no long-term commitment. All rent is on a month-to-month basis. A 30 day notice is required before a resident can move out, unless there is a specific change in the resident's health care status that requires a more intense medical regiment.
Q. May residents decorate their room?
A.The residents' room are their home. Furnishing and decorating is optional as rooms are already furnished and decorated.
Q. May I have friends come and visit?
A. Residents' friends and family are always welcome. If staying for a meal, advance notice is required.
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